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How to Restore Intimacy


Lack of intimacy is a major complaint in these high-stress times. Financial trouble, work and family tend to weigh heavily on couples to the point that they drive one another away. However, it does not need to be this way. You and your partner can begin to restore your lost emotional and sexual intimacy and be happier than ever by managing your time together, talking things out, going out of your way to be physically close, and practicing kindness.

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Intimate Sex Toys for Couples

If you thought sex toys could only satisfy one person at a time, you’re wrong! Vibrators, restraints, lubricants, and other various toys are perfect for bringing you and your partner closer together. It doesn’t matter if you have no previous experience with sex toys; these are also great for beginners!

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Intimate Sex Toys for Women

Are you a woman who can’t orgasm? Or maybe a woman who takes a long time to orgasm? Well stop worrying! Many women are unable to or find it difficult to reach orgasm. The solution can be as simple as incorporating a dildo while masturbating or using a vibrator for clit stimulation while getting intimate with your partner.

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Tips to Be More Intimate

intimate tips for couples
Do you feel there’s something lacking in your relationship with your partner? What you need is to be more intimate! But what exactly does that mean? Think back to the first time you explored your partner’s body. Remember how hard your heart was beating and how eager you both were? It’s difficult to maintain that level of excitement over the years but that doesn’t mean you should give up!

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