How to Restore Intimacy

Do you feel like you and your partner are growing apart and want to bring back that closeness you used to have? Lack of intimacy is a major complaint in these high-stress times. Financial trouble, work and family tend to weigh heavily on couples to the point that they drive one another away. However, it does not need to be this way. You and your partner can begin to restore your lost intimacy and be happier than ever by managing your time together, talking things out, going out of your way to be physically close, and practicing kindness. Try out these tips in your relationship and restore intimacy between you and your beloved!

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Communicate your feelings: If you feel like your relationship lacks the intimacy it used to have, tell your partner. Do not sound critical or accuse your partner of being the cause, but let him or her know that you want to be closer. Your partner may possibly feel the same way or be surprised (in which case, you may need to explain what you are feeling). Either way, once you get the problem out in the open, the two of you can begin working on a solution. It’s usually no one’s fault when two people drift apart, so do not play a blame game. This is a problem for the two of you to work out together.

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Spend more quality time together: It is time to send the kiddos to grandmas for the weekend and spend some time alone. Put all other social obligations aside and focus on your significant other. Do things that you can both enjoy, and always do them together. If an entire weekend is impossible for your schedules, find time during the week when you can be together. Go grocery shopping together or catch a movie you both might like. Break away from the kids, work, and everything else so you can focus on your partner. Even just reading a book together in bed can go a long way.

Practice emotional and physical closeness: When you have been with someone for a long time, the little things start to seem insignificant; they aren’t. Think back to when your relationship was young; you were probably always holding hands, kissing, and talking about every little detail of your day. To help restore intimacy in your relationship, practice just being closer and talking more. Make a point to kiss your partner when you greet them and ask about their day. Sit next to them during dinner. Hold hands while you walk side-by-side and snuggle during movies. When you talk to one another, always show genuine interest. This can help your relationship feel like brand-new.

Be nicer: Relationships that are low in intimacy and high in stress are typically rough and hostile. As an outlet for stress, couples tend to take it out on one another needlessly. Always remember that you and your partner want the same thing; happiness. Misplaced anger can really take a toll on your partner, so start being nicer. Offer to help out with the kitchen, or ask about their day. Surprise your partner with a little gift or surprise. You can even compliment your partner more regularly and tell them how much you appreciate them. Being nicer will reduce the hostility between the two of you and also improve moods. If you both practice kindness, you will feel closer to one another.

Intimacy is usually the first thing to go when it comes to relationships. It is important that couples find a way to balance their stress so they do not put it all on their significant other. Love and intimacy is more important than work and money, so don’t let your relationship fall apart over various stressors. Always remember that you and your partner are in it together!

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