Intimate Sex Toys for Women

Are you a woman who can’t orgasm? Or maybe a woman who takes a long time to orgasm? Well stop worrying! Many women are unable to or find it difficult to reach orgasm. The solution can be as simple as incorporating a dildo while masturbating or using a vibrator for clit stimulation while getting intimate with your partner. For those of you who are beginners, intimate sex toys can truly broaden your horizons and open up a world of better sex and enhanced orgasms! Here are some of the BEST intimate toys out there for women:

Sex Harness
comfortable harness for sex

This sex harness is made for the comfort of you and your partner! Our Harness allows for a more intimate experience with your lover in the bedroom. It’s versatile so that means it will fit almost any dildo you choose, and has adjustable straps fitting up to a 48” waist.



Hollow Vibrating Strap On
hollow harness vibrating

“…Enjoyed using an having it used on me.” – Mike, 2018

This unisex vibrating strap on dildo is the perfect way to increase intimacy in your sex life! Both partners can give or take with this sex toy! Give your partner the incredible sex they crave with this realistic penis erection! The Vibrating Hollow Strap On has an adjustable strap and is an amazing aid for couples.

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8″ Silicone Dildo
realistic silicone suction cup dildo

This 8” Silicone Dildo is for all big toy lovers. With its realistic veins and silky smooth natural feeling, it’s like experiencing the real deal, over and over again. This large toy will bring you explosive Os! It’s perfect for harness or solo play and with the strong suction cup base the possibilities of where to orgasm are endless. Put the cock on a shower wall or a chair (any flat surface) and satisfy yourself in your favorite ways! Ride the dong’s straight shaft in all your desired positions! Experience real pleasure with screaming climaxes hands free!

Wave Rabbit
rotating vibrating wave rabbit

“So much smaller and more customizable than my old one. I wish i had upgraded years ago.” – Amazon Review, 2017

This dual thrusting sex toy is going to keep her on her toes! The Wave Rabbit will bring her explosive blended orgasms using its 8 rotating and 8 vibrating functions. Let your G-spot and vaginal walls enjoy the non-jamming rotating beads in the shaft, while the rabbit ears tease your clit. Its intense massaging and perfect power combo will keep her coming back to this toy for the ultimate internal stimulation experience!

Find out what the rave is about this new rabbit!

Rechargeable Vibe
silicone usb rechargeable vibrator

This seductive smooth silicone vibrator is all ladies need to experience an explosive g-spot orgasm! Reach climax using the Rechargeable Vibe and its 20 different functions. The vibrations and curved, bulbous tip lets you experience a variety of stimulations that you crave. Massage the velvety-smooth tip on your clit, gspot and vaginal walls to the intensity of your liking! Plus, no batteries needed. Plug this sex toy into a USB port to charge for pleasure you can’t imagine!

Fifi’s Bumpy Vibrator
bumpy vibrator

“This was a fantastic sensation!! Thank goodness it’s also waterproof because it got very wet down there. It was very quiet, so no need to hide under a blanket to muffle the sound!” – Amazon Review, 2014

This female erotic bedroom novelty will do wonders to your climax! Heat things up with a partner and use Fifi’s Bumpy Vibe for clitoral stimulation or fool around alone with vaginal insertion. Enjoy this nubby massager to tease yourself with its multi-level vibrations adding intense pleasure to each orgasm. This vibe is easy to use with a twist dial, giving you complete control on how you receive pleasure. Oh, and don’t be afraid to bring the vibrator in the shower; this sexy toy is also waterproof.

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G-Spot Finder
gspot finder vibe

“It works great!” – Amazon Review, 2017

Looking to hit your gspot with just the right amount of power? Well look no further! With a curved tip, bulbed shaft and gentle ripples around the base, the G-spot Finder will give you stimulation in those hard to reach places. This slick toy comes with multiple vibrating speeds for women who need powerful vibes to reach climax! Bring pleasure to playtime while the Gspot Finder massages any area you desire at the liking of your level of intensity!

Why do women love this vibrating gspot toy? Find out by reading the reviews!

Real Feel Vibe With Balls
Realistic Vibrator With Balls

“I have to say that this is like no other toy that i have used.” – Amazon Review, 2016

This bendable dildo is everything a woman needs to experience life-like pleasure! The Real Feel Vibe With Balls is made from soft material and it features veins and wrinkles. This vibrating dildo has a set of realistic balls for even more realistic stimulation! “This is such a great product!” – Amazon Review, 2016. You can bend this vibe into any position and it will hold its shape!

Why do women love this realistic vibrator? Find out by reading the reviews!


Joy Tickler
gspot vibrator for women

“Wow!!!! This toy is amazing!!” – Karen Bramer, Amazon Review, 2016

The Joy Tickler can help you and your lover have more intimate sex! This adult toy is made from smooth silicone and has a sexy shape. Hundreds of tiny nubs cover the shaft to sensually massage your skin! You can easily stimulate your partner or yourself thanks to the ergonomic S shape of this vibe. “The best part is this is like a bunch of vibrators in one!” – Lisa Ralston, Amazon Review, 2016. Massage your g-spot or surround your clitoris with 20 vibration patterns. Tickle your lover’s shaft and balls with this exhilarating vibrator!

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Stroking Rabbit
Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

Allow this thrusting rabbit vibrator to give you the pleasure you deserve! The Stroking Rabbit is designed for female pleasure. Clitoral stimulation is important for many women, that’s why this vibrator has a powerful 12 function bullet that operates separately from the shaft! The rabbit’s ears will tickle and tease your clit to orgasm. Use the thrusting shaft to pound your pussy! The spinning beads will make you throb from incredible sensations! This dildo is perfect for g-spot, vagina and clitoral pleasure!


Divine Wand Massager

Vibrating Body Wand Sex Toy

“I’m in love with this toy!! I was shocked at how well it worked, but not to shocked because pink B.O.B makes excellent toys!!”  –  randie1995, Amazon Review, 2015

Power. Portability. Finally together. The Divine Wand Massager is a classic personal massager that combines the strength of a large, electric vibe with the portability of a mini wand! “My partner and I both enjoy this massager. The best part is that it is compact enough to take with me.” – Great Dane Lover, Amazon Review, 2015 This vibrator is lightweight and battery-operated so you can use it just about anywhere! Plus, with quiet vibrations, no one will ever know. But don’t let the small size fool you – this sex toy packs a powerful punch! It is perfect for women who want a powerful vibe she can use for masturbation without having to deal with a heavy, in-the-way adult toy or unwieldy cord!

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Lust Silicone Rechargeable Wand

Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

“The design of it is smooth and seamless making it easy to clean. There are no crevices for bacteria to hide in and that makes me happy.”  –  L. Yost, Amazon Review, 2015

If you are looking for a sex toy fit for a queen, the Lust Silicone Rechargeable Wand is here to serve you! It’s a powerful personal massager with the classic wand design that you already know and love. It is made of silky-smooth silicone that is soft to the touch, easy to clean, and hypoallergenic. It is small enough to stow away in luggage when traveling, or keep in a bedside table… The charger can be plugged into a regular wall plug, or any USB charger…” – Bubby’s Mommy, Amazon Review, 2015 Plus, this sexy vibe is rechargeable!

Many women have tried this vibrator and loved it–see what they have to say on Amazon!

Miracle Mini Massage Wand
wand vibrator sex toy

“Overall this is a fantastic massage wand. It’s quite, discreet, powerful, and the perfect size for traveling. You can toss this in your purse or even your makeup bag.” – SGV, Amazon Review, 2016

Your hubby will love to watch you pleasure yourself with the Miracle Mini Massage Wand! This petite vibe is perfect for putting on a show! The flexible neck lets you go at it in any position desired. Rub the soft head on your clit and let the powerful vibrations bring you to orgasm! “The mini personal wand is an amazing little vibrator for its size. It packs quite a punch for a little thing.” – toshalee, Amazon Review, 2016. Your partner can join in and use this miniature wand to tease your hot spots! When you finally get down to business you can use this agile vibe to stimulate your clitoris while he fucks you!

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Paris Nubby Teaser

pink bob paris nubby teaser intimate sex toy for women“This bad boy feels amazing. You can actually see the little nubs moving from the vibrations. I would recommend everyone to have one of these in their toy collection.” –Amanda, Amazon Review, 2015

This vibrator is the ultimate in clitoral stimulation! The soft, raised nubs are excellent for massaging and pampering your clit.  The smooth, curved design allows you to insert it comfortably for g-spot stimulation, and teasing your nipples has never been easier or more erotic. “It definitely gives a different feeling than just the standard vibrator. The toy itself is on the smaller side so it’s easy to handle.” – Tillie, Amazon Review, 2015 The Paris Nubby Teaser is made completely from high-grade silicone.

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Layla Lipstick Vibe

lipstick clitoral vibrator sex toy

“…the first thing you noticed when you open the package is what a beautiful lipstick.” – Danya mascorro, Amazon Review, 2015

Layla Lipstick Vibe is a compact clitoral vibrator designed to be incognito. Stimulate your clitoris with its electrifying vibrations. Layla is waterproof so you can enjoy her sensual vibes in the bath! “It has a nice and pleasant pulse that definitely hits the spot! It’s also very very cute. I can seriously toss this in my purse and no one would even notice it’s a vibrator.” – Celise Hartgrove, Amazon Review, 2015 This mini vibrator is only 3.5 inches and easily concealed. One simple setting lets you get gratification fast!

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Take a look at this fashionable vibe!

Abby’s Climbing Rabbit Vibe

dual stimulating vibrator rabbit“This is a great starter toy when first exploring adult toys…I like that it’s [got an] easily adjustable twist button on the end to intensify the vibration speed. ”  –  Addicted Shopper, Amazon Review, 2015

Do you crave dual stimulation, but don’t want to fuss with multiple sex toys?  The check out Abby’s Climbing Rabbit Vibe!  This fantastic dual stimulator includes a realistic feeling jelly dildo with raised veins and an adorable bunny-shaped clit stimulator.  The slightly tapered shaft has a 5.5” insertable length and 1.65” diameter.  The Climbing Rabbit’s soft texture and modest size make it a great choice for those new to using intimate toys.  The powerful vibrations are adjustable for the ultimate sexual control, and you can enjoy your waterproof Rabbit Vibe in the tub or shower for extra steamy masturbation!

Women Like You Are Raving About The Rabbit, See The Reviews And Get Yours Today!


Cory’s Multi-Speed Vibrator

multispeed vibrator for women sex toy

“Oh my I didn’t realize how pretty this is. Almost looks like a yummy lollipop! …Made of durable materials and very easy to use. Just turn it on and go !” – Kellynoe, Amazon Review, 2015

Meet Cory Multi-Speed Vibrator, the stylish toy that offers so much more than plain old realistic textures! This outstanding sex toy has a spiral ridge along the entire shaft for a whole new take on stimulation! The multiple speeds that start at the base and continue through the tip will make your pussy throb! Take this blue buddy in the shower with you, it’s waterproof! “Cory is a great one to bring along when you decide to have a solo session in the bathtub. The ribs also provide some extra grip, so Cory is perfect in the shower where things tend to get a little slippery when wet.” – Lori Hudson, Amazon Review, 2015

Find out what ladies love about Cory Multi-Speed Vibrator!


Leo Kegel Balls

kegel balls intimate sex toy“The outside is a silicone material that is so soft to the touch and comfortable when inserted into the vagina...This is just what I was looking for and I’m so thrilled that they are of durable materials and that they were made with my safety in mind.”  –  Mom’s Time Out Chair, Amazon Review, 2015

It doesn’t get much more intimate than the Leo Kegel Balls!  These sexual ben-wa balls do more than just tighten your vagina, they strengthen your pelvic floor!  The vaginal balls are lightly weighted and the perfect size for first time users!  With regular kegel practice, you will gain greater urinary control, have stronger and longer lasting orgasms, and greater satisfaction during sex!  Many women agree that these adult novelty balls are both pleasurable and beneficial.  The Leo Kegel Balls can help you improve your sexual health tremendously, ensuring your love-making is not only more gratifying, but more intimate as well.

Read the Amazon reviews for the Leo Kegel Balls and see what they have done to improve sexual wellness for women everywhere!


7″ Dong With Balls

7" Dong with Balls
“This dildo is going to cause a water crisis in my neighborhood!  I am enjoying my shower time more than ever.  When you stick this guy to the wall in the shower, he stays put for as long as you need him to!  It has a seriously realistic feel.  I love everything about this toy!”  –  purplefrog, Amazon Review, 2015

If you want to get truly intimate with yourself, you need the 7″ Dong With Balls! This non-vibrating penis sex toy for women is perfect for those sexy late nights when you are craving the feel of a real man! With this real-feel cock, you never have to go without! No more waiting for your partner to get home or wishing there was a man in your life. This realistic dildo will pleasure you in all the best ways with its tapered head, veined shaft, and wrinkly balls! Plus, it has a strong suction cup base so you can stick it to almost any hard surface and ride all night!

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Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe

Dual Stimulating Vibrator

“I do love the luxurious feel of the silicone on this toy.  My husband and I have been having a lot of fun trying some new toys. [And] this one is different, it is designed to provide penetration and stimulation at the same time!  It is pretty wild, it has so many functions!”  –  Sparjenn, Amazon Review, 2015

If you want a luxury toy that can satisfy every sexual desire, the Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe is going to become your favorite intimate sex toy!  This personal massager for women has 30 unique vibrating, pulsating, and escalating modes for you to choose from! “This sexy personal massager is made of velvety, body-safe silicone that will make masturbation more pleasurable than ever.” – Amazon lover, Amazon Review, 2015 Now you never have to go without anything less than the perfect vibe!  This sex stimulator is dual-action, so it stimulates both your clitoris AND vagina at the same time!

What’s so great about the Ultimate Silicone G-Vibe? Read the Amazon reviews to find out why it’s the best!


Rippled Silicone Vibrator

vibrator sex toy“It can be used for penetration or as clitoral stimulation. The different ripples give such an awesome sensation, mixed with one of the many rhythms, it’s sure to please anyone.” – Tillie, Amazon Review, 2015

Incorporate a sex toy into your date night for a new adventure with your lover. The Rippled Silicone Vibrator is designed to arouse and please, so get one today! “It has several different level of intensity as well as levels of how fast the part that is inserted moves.This would make a fantastic gift for anyone, even if it is just a gift to yourself.” – Amazon Reviewer, Amazon Review, 2015 Light a fire inside your partner by teasing them with this velvety silicone vibrator. Use it on all their erogenous zones for incredible foreplay! With 10 incredible functions, they’ll be begging you for more.

Tantalize your senses with the Rippled Silicone Vibrator! Read the reviews on Amazon!


April’s Curved Seduction Dual Stimulator

dual stimulator vibrator for women“I could easily dispose of my other tos and just keep this one.  Totally worth the money.  I am someone who requires strong vibrations, and this certainly did the job!..This is my new right hand man!”  –  Aquarius, Amazon Review, 2015

If you need a toy with the power to bring you  amazing blended orgasms quickly, then check out April’s Curved Seduction Dual Stimulator!  This incredible vibrator has two powerful vibrating motors, one in the tip of its ribbed shaft and the other in the textured clitoral stimulator to ensure fast and intense orgasms! The non-toxic jelly toy is flexible and curved at the end to specifically target your G-spot while the ribbed shaft massage you inside. The clit stimulating bullet also includes an extended tickler for increased stimulation!

Seduce Yourself Tonight! Read The Rave Reviews And Spice Up Your Bedroom!


6″ Vibrating Dildo With Balls

Vibrating Dildo Sex Toy“The toy has an awesome vibrator inside that has seven different vibration variations.  I definitely recommend mixing them up.  I guarantee that you will be pleased with the results… would happily recommend this product!”  –  Nicole Desrosiers, Amazon Review, 2015

Looking for a vibrator that’s less like a toy and more like the real deal? Look no further than the 6″ Vibrating Dildo With Balls!  It’s a high end, natural-feeling vibrator with a realistic penis shape and textured balls.  You can enjoy all of your favorite intimate sex positions with the strong suction cup that sticks to almost any hard flat surface!  But that’s not all: this dildo comes with seven different modes of vibration! Whether you are in the mood for steady escalation or unique pulsation, this vibe will drive you wild with sexual pleasure! Women love the feel of this multi-function vibrating dildo, and so will you!

Why do women love the 6″ Vibrating Dildo With Balls? Read the reviews on Amazon!


Love Balls
orgasm balls kegel exrecise

Explore the world of Kegel exercises! The Love Balls will help you train and strengthen your pelvic muscles for more stimulating sex. These kegel balls are made from soft silicone and have a flexible center. Insert these balls and squeeze to being training your pelvic muscles! Learn to have more control over your orgasms! It will feel amazing for you and him!



Ultimate G-Spot Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrator for Women

“I did enjoy this toy.  It would be great for beginners and anyone who is advanced.  It has a turn dial to up the speed or you can keep it on low for a gentle massage feel.  I personally like that the vibes come from the top of the toy rather than the bottom.  You can feel more pleasure that way!”  –  Kimberlina Floyd, Amazon Review, 2015

To ensure you are dripping wet after you climax, you need the Ultimate G-Spot Vibrator!  This simple sex toy for women may seem basic, but it is an intimate personal massager that all ladies should try!  The soft, flexible shaft will fill up your insides and curve to fit your vagina in the most pleasurable ways.  Locate your G-spot for the first time and stimulate deep inside with this pleasurable vibe!  The bullet of this vibrator is located right in the tip, so you get the intense, multi-speed vibrations right where you need them the most! Explore your hidden pleasure points more intimately than ever before with this powerful vibrator!

What are women saying about the Ultimate G-Spot Vibrator? Read the Amazon reviews here!


Multi-Speed Realistic Vibrator

realistic dildo vibrating dildo sex toy

“This is literally my favorite adult toy by far!  I have a couple, and nothing beats this one!  The vibrator is a beautiful blue color, and [is made of] a clear jelly like material.  The shaft has veins whereas the tip is rippled.  This gives extra pleasure while using it!”  –  Jason Thorson, Amazon Review, 2015

With a veined shaft that gives delicious sensation right where you need it, this adult toy is a must have!  Feel the powerful vibrations flow through your pussy in waves of pleasure as you stimulate your g-spot over and over again.  The Multi-Speed Realistic Vibrator has intense vibrations, which  are concentrated in the flexible head that flares just like a real cock! Control this erotic toy with just a twist of the adjustable speed dial. “One of the things I love about this toy is that the vibrator is in the tip. It gives a different feeling than other toys that have the vibrations coming from the bottom.” – Amber Goode, Amazon Review, 2015. You can have it anyway that you want it, and he will always make sure that you cum first.

Get Your Hands On The Multi-Speed Realistic Vibrator And See What Others Had To Say!

Dual-Action Butterfly Vibe

dual stimulator sex toy vibrator“This Awesome Vibrator by Pink B.O.B. is Earth Shattering!  I own many products by this company and they have never let me down!..There [are] double bullets, one in the shaft and one in the butterfly so not only do you get great clitoral vibes, you also get wild vaginal vibes, Oh My!!”  –  NOLA Chicks POV, Amazon Review 2015

If you’re having difficulty achieving an orgasm with manual masturbation then try the fantastic Dual-Action Butterfly Vibe!  It’s perfect for delivering dual stimulating action to your clitoris and g-spot!  Let this soft massager introduce you to the fabled blended orgasms thanks to the three different stimulations it provides: clitoral, g-spot, AND vaginal. The powerful bullet located in the head gives off intense vibrations that tease and please!  The adorable butterfly clitoral stimulator will flutter against your clit and leave you dripping wet and having as many orgasms as you can stand!

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