Tips to Be More Intimate

Do you feel there’s something lacking in your relationship with your partner? Maybe you don’t flirt with each anymore. Has sex has become way too predictable. Maybe you don’t even have sex anymore! What you need is to be more intimate! But what exactly does that mean? Think back to the first time you explored your partner’s body. Remember how hard your heart was beating and how eager you both were?  It’s difficult to maintain that level of excitement over the years but that doesn’t mean you should give up!

Intimate Sex Positions For Couples

Touch Each Other

This may seem like a no-brainer but it can be easily overlooked. Holding hands and cuddling are easy and effective ways to be more intimate. Our bodies produce oxytocin as a response to physical touch, giving us that warm fuzzy feeling we all love.

Sex Toys For Couples

Don’t wait until right before sex to touch your lover! Make it a daily habit to touch each other more and soon being intimate will feel completely natural.

Talk it Out

It’s ok to be shy! What is not ok is being afraid to introduce new ideas or toys into your sexual relationship. Being intimate with your partner is about being emotionally in-tune. You need to trust your partner to be truly intimate.

Try sharing your thoughts and feelings more. If you were always curious about buttplugs and nipple clamps, say so! Be confident in yourself and open with your partner. You may be surprised at how receptive he or she will be to your suggestions.

Use Your Imagination

It’s so easy to stay in your comfort zone. You find something that works and you stick with it. You and your partner might only fuck missionary. Or you might only fuck Wednesdays after work while the kids are at little league. Realize that you’re sacrificing intimate lovemaking for convenience!

Don’t let sex become the rehearsal – make it the primetime show, every time! Try something new like role-playing. Invest in some costumes and props. Create your own personas or adopt personas you’re already familiar with (Mr. Grey, anyone?). Sometimes all you need is an escape from reality.

Ask Mother Nature

Need a little extra help? If you can’t seem to feel the intimate vibes, try a natural sexual stimulant like ginseng. In men, ginseng increases the bodily production of nitric oxide (just like Viagra) to increase blood flow to the penis. Women can also use ginseng as it boosts energy and is believed to help improve mood.

There are also many natural aphrodisiacs including the infamous oyster as well as chili peppers and chocolate. None of these are scientifically proven to make people more intimate but taking your special someone out for a spicy seafood dinner with a slice of some Black Forest cake probably wouldn’t hurt your chances.


Many couples go through periods of being less intimate with each other. With the hassles and stresses of daily life, spending time together may not seem important. But being intimate can improve your relationship, your mood and your overall health! Be diligent, patient and make being more intimate with your partner a top priority. Good luck!

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